The Tucker Wedding

This has been the summer of our friends getting married! My last wedding of the summer season was the wedding of our good friends Shelly and Kelye. Shelly and I had an entrepreneur class together back in college. We bonded over our time in class with our kooky professor! I had photographed Shelly and Kelye for my senior portfolio in college. They were so much fun to work with and such a stunning couple that when they asked me to shoot their wedding I was thrilled!
Shelly had planned for a beautiful outdoor wedding on the site of a historic mansion with private lake. Unfortunately the weather had another idea, Hurricane Ike was coming to town!! The night before when it was confirmed that the hurricane would defiantly be coming through on the wedding day, Plan B was thrown into action, or should we say created!?! Shelly was very fortunate to have a wonderful support system, her planners stayed up all night securing a second location for the wedding. What could have been a disaster turned out great because everyone worked together. This wedding was a true testament to love, and not just the typical bride/groom love, but love of friends and family coming together to help make Shelly and Kelye's wedding turn out great even with the last minute changes!! Even though they had to rent a storefront church that was leaking all day, it made it all the more fun! It didn't matter where they were married to Shelly and Kelye. United in a room painted green, with a roof leaking from the hurricane I still say this was a very beautiful and unique wedding because the true reasons for weddings were present.... LOVE.

A last minute prayer on the way to the ceremony!

A very kind chauffeur, who protected Shelly from the rain.

The ceremony was beautiful and yet fun at the same time, with comedic breaks.

The kids were amazed by this beta fish decoration, visiting it often through out the reception.

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Anonymous said...

Bridget Angelo captured the amazing romance, joy, and beauty of this beautiful couple's wedding! What a captivating couple the Tuckers are!

Thank you Bridget Angleo for allowing me to fill my soul with powerful images that seem to not only offer beauty for the soul, joy for the spirit, but also a healing power to a world unrested today.

Thank you Tuckers for allowing me to view your journey into wedding bliss. You are truly in love, a rare find. Your beauty should be captured in the movies for all to experience. Maybe one day?

Gabrielle Angell .... (screenwriter)