NYC Photo Plus Expo

This is me on the bus to one of my favorite places ever, New York City! This past week we made the trip ( up to NYC for my very favorite photography conference. Each year it is like being a kid in a toy store the size of 3 Walmarts! With all the latest gear, software and various other equipment, its obvious that it is my favorite time of the year! This year I was able to attend a seminar by one of the top wedding photographers in the country! When she was talking it felt like she was saying " only two years ago I was were you are now, and two years from now you can be here where I stand"! It was amazing to hear some of her tips and tricks on marketing. Needless to say this years expo was FaNtAstiC!! I went, I learned, I conquered, and then I came home with even more tools of the trade! Can't wait to show you my new "toys", see you around!

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