The Tasker Wedding

Curtis and Taryn were married in Cumberland Maryland at the Terra Angelica. The Terra Angelica is a wonderful little paradise, a historic home with a beautiful view of breathtaking mountains! You can learn more about its deep history at When I first met Taryn and Curtis I was floored by not only their beauty on the outside but there beauty inside also. They are a couple deeply rooted in their faith, and the both of them just have this constant glow! The day of their wedding was perfect! We were truly blessed with a light breeze, a beautiful bright sun, and fluffy clouds. The location was so perfect for an outdoor wedding. The white columns, the big front porch, and the beautifuly kept grounds set such a gorgeous setting for such a breathtaking bride! We were honored to be included in this special day and wish Taryn and Curtis all the blessings that life can give them!

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